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About Us

My company is based on the belief that my customers' needs are of the utmost importance. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver your artwork with the best service possible.


I received my art education at the University of Oklahoma. There, I honed my technical knowledge and some painting skills, but did not consider myself an artist until I was able to create from that knowledge.

My early pieces were totally abstract, but I later expanded my work to incorporate subjective pieces that exaggerated forms and colors. Nowadays, I move from one to the other, depending on my inspiration. I am often asked about this. My painting always starts with an inspiration formed as I clear my thoughts and allow in, through my experiences and imagination, the proposition of a creation.

Inspiration comes from many different sources in my every day life. I usually carry a pocket camera to help capture ideas for future projects, along with notes I make on ideas that come to me while experiencing lifes' everyday paces.

Even totally abstract paintings can be considered objective. Free flowing marks on a canvass are not as chaotic as they might appear. There is an underlying order to their apparent chance chaos. Shown are positive and negative space, energy and lack of energy, incorporated with chosen color, all combining to produce interest.

Individual marks can expose a painters' style. The more often these particular marks are used, the more his/her style is exposed. When painting, I move from one brush stroke building to the next. Each proceeding stroke is based on the result and a reaction to the last. That's creating and learning in the instant. A beautiful experience!

My interest in art, and specifically in painting, has made me a more complete person. It allows me to enjoy life's visual beauty while creating or just observing. Through my painting, I hope to create an original experience for all viewers of these pieces. 

Contact info: Phone: 847-217-7423. Email:

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